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Specialist in Michael Jackson's artistic production, Isabelle Petitjean is an author, lecturer, classically-trained musician and music teacher.


She holds a doctorate (PhD) in Musicology, specializing in the academic analysis of Michael Jackson and has written a thesis on "The racial dynamics in the artistic production of the “King of Pop (1979-2001) : commercial, musical and visual issues” at the University of Paris Sorbonne.

Isabelle Petitjean is the author of three books in French and English analyzing the artist's career in the music industry, as well as his vocal work and the visual, musical, racial, political and cultural dimensions of his albums.

She is regularly consulted by the media to talk about Michael Jackson on television, radio and in the newspapers.

THRILLER in the journal TOPO


In its January-February 2022 issue, the documentary magazine TOPO proposes a history of the video clip in comics with 3 pages dedicated to "Thriller".


Available online. 

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