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- Isabelle Petitjean, quoted on the wall of the Grand Palais, Paris, during the exhibition "Michael Jackson, On the Wall" -

"Michael Jackson's artistic preferences reveal an open mind focused on others and the world. They add up to, and are confirmed by, a musical oeuvre accessible to all, highly federative, which was able to bring people together at a time when there were fringes of the public that seem irreconciliable."

Academic Publications

2014  « Michael Jackson. Grasping The Spectacle », dans Volume! La revue des musiques populaires, vol. 10, n° 2.

2011   « The Voice in the Mirror: Michael Jackson: from a vocal identity to its double in sound », dans Volume! La revue des musiques populaires, vol. 8, n° 2. (EN)


 2019 « Michael Jackson : au cœur de l’art », dans Michael Jackson, On the Wall (catalogue de l’exposition du Grand Palais)

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